Frequently asked questions


Youkali board is stable?

  • Yes
    • Youkali board is incredibly stable. Two, three people on the side, it remains stable. Like a pier, you are confident to move on or to jump in and out when swimming.

Youkali Board is resistant?

  • Yes
    • the plastic is resistant to absorb chocs. However, like any plastic product, avoid ragging on hard material like concrete or asphalt.

Youkali Board is rigid?

  • Yes
    • The board is rigid and flexible. Rigid to be structurally safe and flexible to accepts chocs and increase comfort. Consequently, high pressures may mark. Always remember to release pressure (belt, weight etc.).
    • Marks may normally occur, but this doesn’t affect the structure; and most of the time, it gets flat again.

Youkali Board is UV resistant?

  • Yes but
    • The sun doesn’t affect the yellow part and the pipes are UV resistant. However, long exposure may affect the brightness. It is always better to avoid long sun exposures.

Youkali Board is unsinkable?

  • Yes
    • Even cut in two parts, the board won’t sink. It is always safer to stay on board, waiting for the rescue than to try to swim.

Youkali Board could sink?

No – Even cut in two parts, the board won’t sink. It is always safer to stay on board, waiting for the rescue than to try to swim.

Youkali Board is resistant to chemicals?

  • Yes => Gasoil, sun cream, etc. don’t affect the yellow parts
    • but –
      • The pipes are PVC (chemically resistant to many acids, salts, corrosives, bases, fats, and alcohols, but NOT compatible with tetrahydrofuran or acetone, often incompatible with solvents)

Youkali board is a bench when on the ground?

  • No – Like any boat, it is made for water, not for the ground. If you sit on it and the bottom fits on rocks, you will have marks

Youkali Board is SENSIBLE to the wind?

  • Yes – Youkali is not a boat, it is a board and should be used in closed waters (rivers, dams, lakes, lagoon…).
    • Use the anchor to avoid drifting
    • Avoid using as a stand-up when windy; prefer canoeing using small paddles


Youkali Board fits on a trailer?

  • Yes – Many trailers are available on the market.
    • Check the size; if shorter, put a red flag on the back.
    • Careful not to have all the weight just on bars (could mark the board).
    • Need a flat surface to avoid pressure marks.
    • Better to have the board upside down with foam to protect the black tubes.

Youkali Board is cartoppable?

  • Yes => but:
    • Always put the board upside down (the pipes on the racks with foam protections).
    • Racks should be at least 50 inches wide.
    • Protect the hull angles when putting pressure on the belt.

Youkali Board could fit one on the top of the other one?

  • Yes but –
    • Many trailers support the weight of 2 or 3 Youkali Boards, but put them upside down and protect them to avoid too much pressure


Youkali Board goes away with the wind?

  • Yes – Be careful of the wind when swimming.
    • ALWAYS HOLD A LINE ATTACHED TO THE BOARD. You may not be able to catch it if it goes with the wind.
    • Use an anchor, it is safer!

Is it easy to get on board?

  • Yes – Using the black pipes, it is easy to jump on board.
    • If it is too high, go closer to the bow, it is lower to slide in.

Is it secure for kids to jump?

  • Yes – Youkali is a swimming platform.
    • Just be careful the kids don’t be trapped in the pipes. It could hurt them.


Any paddle could be used?

  • Yes – Youkali is sold with two standard paddles, but you can use any paddle that suits your size. Test it and found the right one!

Is it possible to paddle alone?

  • No – Youkali is not like a paddle board. It is too wide to use alone. Found a friend!
    • But, using the oars, you are able to row alone

Youkali board accepts weight?

  • Yes – Youkali allows 628 libs and very stable;
    • but like any board, it is sensible to the weight repartition. But moving the weight repartition, you may increase your speed.
      • too much weight in the front, you push water
      • too much weight on the rear, you drag a lot of water


Youkali Board support a 2hp outboard engine?

  • Yes – Youkali is not for speed.
    • A 2 HP (around 2) is sufficient and economical.
    • An electric one is even better for birds watching or hunting.
    • Always bring the paddles in case the motor stops working.

The propeller is protected?

  • No – The rule is simple: One foot in the water, turn off the engine!
    • Be careful when using outboard engine, it could be dangerous!
    • One person should be responsible for the security of all passengers.

Does the outboard requires a tiller extension when using alone?

  • Yes – With the tiller, the weight repartition is better.
    • When motoring alone, without a tiller extension, the weight is too close of the rear and you drag water.


Could the Youkali board fix on the garage celling?

  • Yes – On most cases, the car fits below.
    • You can also but the board lateral on the side if the garage is wide enough.

Youkali board could be left on the trailer for a long period?

  • Yes, Most of the time, the board will stay on the trailer.
    • But, release the pressure of the belts to avoid marks. Better to have it upside down, the weight on the pipes rather than on the hull.

Youkali Board resists if left outside in the garden?

  • Yes, but – Like anything you leave in the garden, it is better to cover it to protect from sun, rain, leaves etc.
    • The sun will not affect the board, but like any plastic, may affect the brightness

Versions (fishing, rowing,...)

One board, many possibilities! Fishing, rowing, sailing, hunting, camping....

  • We are developping specific versions, using adapted accessories. Rowing kit is almost ready, the fishing version and family too.
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