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The Youkali Board concept


A large and incredibly stable board

  • Safe as a pontoon

  • Enjoyable as a swimming platform

  • It is not a paddle board, a kayak, or a boat; just a board full of potential uses.

  • Despite its size (13 feet), there is a lot of space.

A small boat with lots of uses

  • No need to learn boating, just enjoy it with friends

  • Ideal for families, fishing, paddling, canoeing, camping...

  • With a range of accessories to be made/bought (bench, cool box...)

Check out the board!

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Unsinkable, even perforated

Paintable for customization

Outboard engine up to 2.5hp (optional)

max 628 lbs. (persons+gear+motor)

Length: 13.12 feet

Width: 5 feet

Weight: approx 125 -135 lbs

4 persons / 533 pounds

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Youkali Boards are made of a unique type of plastic which is strong and resistant to most obstacles in the water.

Environmental concerns are present at all of the steps of the building process. Scraps go for recycling and no VOC damages the earth's atmosphere.

Also, unlike many kayaks and boats made with polyethylene, Youkali Board can be repaired if damaged.


About Us

Brazil is at Youkali boards' roots: Inspired by the famous Jangada, the traditional boat of the fishermen of northeastern Brazil. Based on the original plan of these fishing boats, we developed a catamaran concept to increase stability and reduce water drag.

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